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Android App Review: PetMatch

Fantastic Pet Adoption App 

PetMatch is a pet finder app that allows you to search cats and dog that are up for adoption in your area.

Once downloaded, the app will use your phone’s GPS to curate a list of adoptable dogs and cats near you.

You can search for adoptable pets in a few different ways.  Thumbnails of different breeds of cats and dogs are on the home screen when you launch the app.  You can click on a thumbnail and view animals similar to the picture you chose.  Or, you can snap a picture of a cat or dog and have the app search for animals similar to the picture you submitted.

Each animal up for adoption is accompanied with detailed information such as their age, history, temperament, and contact information for the adoption process.


Specific information about every adoptable animal
Simple navigation



Bottom Line
Great app if you’re looking to adopt a pet.  The best feature in this app is the detailed information about the animal you are looking to adopt.  You definitely want a pet that fits well into your lifestyle;  whether it’s a dog that loves kids, or a cat that can acclimate into a family that already has a pet.  Great way to screen throughout the adoption process and more likely the adoption will be a success.

Great app for pet adoption.  Definitely Download.

5 Stars