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iOS Review: TripTrap

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Eeek!  A Mouse! 

Have you ever had a mouse in your house?  Pretty gross, right?  With TripTrap it’s not gross at all.  It’s actually kind of cute.

In TripTrap you are the mouse in the house.  Try your best to make it through a home that’s more like a maze and get as many pieces of cheese as you can.  Watch out for traps and cats and all things that spell danger for a tiny mouse!

With tons of levels you might have so much fun, the next time there’s a little mouse in your house you just might want to play.


Good graphics
Easy to learn

Paid download and there are still in app purchases

Bottom Line
I really like this game.  It’s fun and the graphics are really adorable.  It isn’t super hard so you can breeze through the levels really quickly.  It is a paid app but it’s only 99 cents so it won’t break the bank.

Download it if you like obstacle course games.

3 Stars