FOODS YOUR BODY NEEDS EVERYDAY FOR YOUR HEALTHY LIFE “What to eat” is one of the questions that we need to answer constantly. And no, it is not about those moments of boredom, where we stand in front of a full fridge, but nothing inside does not catch our eye. And for the relationship between nutrition and health, and how to make the best way to balance the useful with the pleasant.The specific answer to the question is very individual and depends on your personal taste, the goals you set yourself and the opportunities at your disposal.



Air yoga, aero yoga, or my most favorite antigravity yoga combines yoga asanas, pilates and air acrobatics, which are performed on a special hammock swing. It’s a unique experience and guaranteed you only need to go once to become a sworn fan.

Air yoga is a great way to get rid of stress because it is extremely entertaining. Whether you are a guru in yoga or you can not even touch your ankles, it is impossible not to enjoy this practice. Running the asanas with the cradle allows you to stretch better.


If you have problems and back pain, you must try air yoga. It allows you to hang freely and extend the back as far as possible. From personal experience we can say that the relief in this area after the practice is amazing.

Air yoga develops your flexibility and strength. After just a few practices, you will begin to notice progress in your ability to stretch or endurance in performing certain positions. You will also feel tighter muscles in the abdomen and the waist.


Forest fruits

Fruits are among the richest in antioxidant fruits and at the top of the list of useful foods. Therefore, while in season, we do not miss to eat as many of them as possible.

Fresh, juicy and aromatic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries … the darker the color is, the higher the anthocyanin content that favors brain function and the overall health of the body.

And for the moments when you can not find them fresh, dried berries are a perfect solution.

Peppers come in different shapes and colors, but they all look alike – extremely high in vitamin C, as well as many other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

All of them take care of the immune system and prevent the occurrence of inflammatory processes, so red, green or yellow peppers – all of them are better than welcome to the daily menu.

Add them raw to salad or eat them roasted, the level of antioxidants in them is higher.


Sometimes the days are so long, and the list of tasks seems to never end. It seems to you that it is totally absurd to put something else into it, nor do you have the energy to do it.

These days cooking your dinner at home or preparing a lunch for the office looks like a real challenge. However, cooking can be just what you need because it carries a lot of positives.

More health benefits, better quality time with the closest people, stress relieving are just some of them – see and which are the five biggest benefits of cooking at home.



Yoga offers us positions to alleviate and definitively solve various ailments that afflict our physical body, since body pain is always associated with an energetic block that prevents our vital energy from flowing freely through the body, causing tensions and many pains. In this case, we will stop at a recurring evil of these times: migraine, an absolutely tense ailment that is quickly benefited by the practice of these positions or asanas:

Once kneeling on the ground, when you inhale you raise your hips upwards, like a cat when it is angry and arches its back, lower your abdomen to the floor and raise your shoulders towards the ceiling, keeping your head facing forward. As you exhale, you perform the counter-posture that is to raise your head back and forth, while the column lowers forming a U.

YOGA IS KNOWN FOR ITS MIRACULOUS BENEFICIAL EFFECTS ON THE BODY Yoga can ease depression. This is proven by several new studies

The studies are presented

“So far, we can recommend yoga as an additional approach, probably the most effective, along with the standard methods prescribed by a licensed therapist,” said psychologist Lindsay Hopkins.

“Obviously, yoga is not a cure for any condition, but based on empirical evidence, it seems to have great potential,” she adds.

Lindsey Hopkins has conducted a study of 23 male veterans who have attended hatha yoga classes twice a week, including physical and breathing exercises and meditation.

Participants who were initially at increased depression levels experienced significant improvement after eight weeks.

A second study was conducted among 52 women between 25 and 45 years of age. For those who practiced yoga twice a week for eight weeks, significant relief of depressive sensations was reported.

Several such studies also establish the beneficial influence of Eastern practice on the quality of life, optimism, mental and physical